Andi Icaza Largaespada is a visual artist based in unceded Coast Salish territories, most of the time. She incorporates elements of social research, ethics and sustainability to her multidisciplinary work in the forms of photography, sculpture, and writing.  Andi’s practice observes modes of belonging and resistance, searching for possibilities within tensions. Her latest exhibition addressed socio-ecological parasitism, and it happened in Managua, Nicaragua, where she grew up and spends most of the rest of her time.  



2013 - 2017   BFA in Visual Art, Simon Fraser University


2016     La Rizoma tiene Parasitos: Un Borrador, La Rizoma, Managua.
2016     Tender Admission Solo Exhibition, SCA Office Series, Vancouver.
2016     Dear Leader, what I love… BFA Project,SFU, Vancouver.
2012     5PM Managua, Nicaragua 2012 GRID Photofestival.Amsterdam.
2010     Group exhibition for Soma Literary Magazine Launch. Managua.


2016     A Conversation Between: Hobbes Ginsberg & Andi Icaza, The Blue                      Library Volume 2, New Orleans 
2016     moist beings, Publication Studios Vancouver, Canada
2015     10800: Cultura Visual de Extremo a Extremo, Nicaragua 
2014     Musica y Fiesta: Cultura en Imagenes de la Region Atlantico Sur                          (RAAS), OEI Nicaragua
2013      CEDLA Art Exhibitions 2012 CEDLA Annual Report
2008     Generacion CTRL + ALT + DEL Pata de Perro, Nicaragua


2016              AIMIA|AGO Scholarship Honourary Mention 
2016              Tanabe/Thorne  Annual Award in Visual Arts
2015              Best Portfolio in Photography Canon Canada and School for the                             Contemporary Arts Prize
2015, 2016    Undergraduate Open Scholarship Simon Fraser University
2013              IB Excellence Entrance Scholarship   Simon Fraser University


2014-      Author and Photographer @ VANDOCUMENT
2015-      Photographer @ Discorder Magazine

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